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Struggling with overwhelming debt? You’re not alone. Since 2010, our team has been helping Canadians achieve financial freedom through personalized debt solutions.

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Welcome to Get Me Debt Free, your premier destination for navigating the labyrinth of debt relief options. We understand the overwhelming burden that debt can impose, which is why we work through comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Are you drowning in multiple debts? Explore our consultative debt solutions service to streamline your payments and regain control over your finances. Our experts specialize in finding solutions for credit card debt relief, line of credit debt relief, personal loan debt relief, student loan debt relief, even tax debt relief, and more, ensuring that no financial challenge is too daunting to overcome.

Explore alternatives to bankruptcy and discover the effectiveness of debt settlement and debt payoff plans, which are meticulously crafted to fit your financial situation. Additionally, our platform provides invaluable resources such as budget tips for debt reduction and financial literacy guidance for effective debt management.

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Navigating Alternatives to Bankruptcy with Expert Guidance

Why Bankruptcy May Not Be Your Best Option To Get Out Of Debt

Navigating through debt relief options can feel like traversing a complex maze. While bankruptcy may seem like the only way out, numerous alternatives exist. One such solution is the consumer proposal. When executed with your interests at the forefront, a consumer proposal can emerge as the optimal, cost-effective method to alleviate debt burdens in Canada. Surprisingly, the process is far simpler than commonly perceived.

It’s imperative to engage with a reputable debt relief company committed to your financial well-being, and who has no duty to the creditors. They will diligently evaluate your unique circumstances, comparing options like refinancing, debt consolidation, debt snowball, bankruptcy, and more. A trustworthy team will delve into the intricacies of consumer proposals, discussing costs and assessing the advantages vs disadvantages. This empowers you to make an informed decision tailored to your needs. Our objective, at Get Me Debt Free, is to furnish you with comprehensive information, and answer all of your questions, ensuring you steer clear of less-than-ideal solutions. We have worked with clients in all manner of scenario such as executives and high income earners, business debt, debt relief for low-income individuals, veterans, single parents, seniors, and those grappling with debt from life circumstances related health, job loss, divorce, and even death of a loved one.

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In the video above, we talk about how almost every company in Canada, who advertises debt relief, either represents the creditors or receives funding from your restructuring plan (where the more you pay the more they earn). With many options and so many different types of companies, how does one pick the best solution that fits their situation? At Get Me Debt Free, we effectively work with our clients to lay out all options, answer important questions, and bring awareness to how the debt relief world works.

Dealing with debt can be stressful enough. Slowing down and taking a calculated approach to deal with your debt, while working with someone that has only your interest in mind, is much better than cookie cutter solutions that exist out there.

There’s no point in having someone “sell” you a plan that you have no ability to actually pay off, or a plan which could have been so much better. At GMDF, it is our goal to help you NOT end up in that position. In fact, we want you to get out of debt as fast and painlessly as possible.

Quite frankly, that is what our team has been doing for clients since 2010, and we love to see the success of our clients!

Why Having a Good Credit Score May Not Be as Important as You Think

We were all brought up to safeguard our credit rating at any cost. But allowing debt to pile on just so you can keep your spotless credit rating, just doesn’t make sense. 

Many people ask: Does a consumer proposal affect my credit score? But what they need to ask is: What’s the point of having a good credit score, if it prevents me from resolving the debt that is keeping me awake at night? Your credit score can recover from a consumer proposal when you have the right team in your corner, but can you, your family, or your marriage, recover from a crushing debt that keeps growing or at the least does not get paid down? Book a consultation today and put debt behind you for good.

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Personal Debt VS. Business Debt – We Can Help With Both!

Running a business presents both immense rewards and significant challenges. It’s common for entrepreneurs to accrue personal debt while building and growing their ventures.

Incorporating your business doesn’t automatically separate your personal and business debts. Our expert team specializes in untangling this intricate web, developing tailored solutions that address both personal and business debt. Trust us to navigate the complexities, ensuring your financial stability across all fronts. 

There are Many Pathways to Becoming Debt Free.

But How Do You Choose the Best Pathway?

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