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Welcome to 4 Pillars. We are here to represent you in seeking the best debt solutions for your needs.

  • 4 Pillars Has Helped Canadians Resolve Over $2 Billion in Debt
  • 97% of our Clients Complete Their Plans and Become Debt Free
  • Less Than 1% of our Clients File For Bankruptcy

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You Get Out Of Debt For Good.

Welcome to 4 Pillars. We are here to represent you, our client. That sounds like a no-brainer, but unfortunately almost everyone who is offering debt solutions represent the creditor, and the larger the settlement, the more they get paid. Read that again and think about it.

Before you go ahead with a plan by Licensed Insolvency Trustee (aka Bankruptcy Trustee) or a ‘Non Profit’ Credit Counseling service, talk to one of our experts in Muskoka, North Bay or Sudbury. We represent you and only you. We’ll provide you with a realistic debt restructuring plan that you can actually complete, giving you the best chance at total recovery from debt.


    97% of our Clients Complete Their Plans and Become Debt Free
    4 Pillars Has Helped Canadians Resolve Over $2 Billion in Debt
    Less Than 1% of our Clients File For Bankruptcy

    Why Bankruptcy May Not Be Your Best Option To Get Out Of Debt

    Bankruptcy can be hard to recover from, but many bankruptcy service providers still promote this as the best way to get debt relief. There are other options. One of them is called a consumer proposal. When it’s conducted with your best interests in mind, the consumer proposal process is often the best, most cost effective way to resolve debt in Canada. And it’s actually a lot easier than you may think!

    Our experts in Muskoka, North Bay or Sudbury will look at your individual situation, weigh debt consolidation vs bankruptcy, and present all the options. We’ll also discuss the cost and advantages/disadvantages of consumer proposals, so you can choose the path that’s best for you.

    Our job is to make sure you have all the information you need so that you don’t feel forced into a less than ideal solution.

    Why Bankruptcy May Not Be Your Best Option

    We’ll Make You A Debt Relief Plan That You Can Actually Achieve To Get Out Of Debt.

    We’ve already talked about why it’s important that your debt solutions team has no conflict of interest, and is working for you and only you. But almost as important, is ensuring your debt consolidation plan actually works for you too. There’s no point having someone pressure you into a plan that you have no chance of actually paying off. Yet it seems that some in our industry will do this knowing there is a high chance you will fail, and put you in a more compromised position with the lender.

    As a member of the Canadian Debtors Association, we are absolutely committed to your success. In fact, 97% of 4 Pillars Clients across Canada succeed in becoming debt free with the plans we create for them. Reach out to us today and let’s work on your plan.

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    Why Having a Good Credit Score May Not Be as Important as You Think

    We were all brought up to safeguard our credit rating at any cost. But allowing debt to pile on just so you can keep your spotless credit rating, frankly doesn’t make sense.

    Many people ask: Does a consumer proposal affect my credit score? But what they need to ask is: What’s the point of having a good credit score, if it prevents me from resolving the debt that is keeping me awake at night. Your credit score can recover from a consumer proposal when you have the right team in your corner, but can you, your family, or your marriage, recover from a crushing debt that keeps growing or at the least does not get paid down? Let our Muskoka, North Bay or Sudbury team help you today.

    Why Having a Good Credit Rating May Not Be As Important As You Think

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    The Consumer Proposal Process Gets You Out Of Debt.

    A Consumer Proposal is often the best solution to get you out of debt. Find out if it’s Right for You.

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    Personal Debt VS. Business Debt – We Can Help With Both!

    Running a business can be one of the most rewarding and most challenging things you ever do. Many people will build and establish their business by creating personal debt.

    Just because your business is incorporated, does not necessarily mean that your business debt isn’t related to you personally. Let our team sort it all out for you, and find a plan that fits both your personal and business debt restructuring needs.

    Difference between Business Debt and Consumer Debt - We Can Help with Both

    Where You Can Find Us

    Looking for debt consolidation services in Sudbury? Seeking a debt restructuring advisor in North Bay? Or maybe you’re looking for debt counseling in Huntsville. If debt is weighing you down and you want someone to take your side, we are the right team for you. Contact 4 Pillars in Muskoka & Parry Sound, North Bay or Sudbury today!

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    “Our experience with 4 Pillars was nothing more than pleasant. We are treated with real compassion and understanding. Thank you Ryan and team for everything you do for your clients. Our life is now stress free and we can look forward to retirement.”

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    North Bay

    “What an amazing feeling having the weight lifted. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough for Ryan, Sharon and Marie for what they have done for our family. You have made us feel like there is a light at the end and given us HOPE. Thank you so much, you are greatly appreciated and very very educated in these areas, you come HIGHLY recommended.”

    5 Stars



    “Ryan, Angela and entire team were amazing to work with. The positive energy helps gets through such a rough time and you feel no judgement from any of them, such a great group of people. Thank you and I highly recommend this team if you need financial help.”

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