Get Me Debt Free

Why Getting Out of Debt Should Be Your Top Priority

Achieve financial freedom by prioritizing debt repayment

The shackles of debt weigh down millions in today’s society. Credit card bills, student loans, car payments – the monthly burden of owing money has become the new normal.  We numbly accept that a large chunk of each paycheck must go straight to creditors, leaving little leftover for much of anything else, let alone to […]

4 Tips To Overcoming Mounting Debt

effective strategies to pay off large debt

Dealing with life’s run of the mill challenges can be enough to manage, nevermind the consuming stress that can come with growing debt. And for millions of individuals, it’s a constant battle. But the good news is that with some smart strategies and commitment, you can overcome your mounting debt and get back on track […]

How to Choose a Debt Consulting Agency

what to look for in a debt consolidation company

In times of financial distress, when the weight of mounting debt becomes overwhelming, seeking help from a debt consulting agency can provide a lifeline. These agencies should designed to assist individuals facing financial hardship by offering guidance, support, and solutions to manage and eventually eliminate debt. However, not all debt consulting agencies are created equal, […]

Should Bankruptcy be a Last Resort for Debt Relief?

debt relief options other than bankruptcy

When exploring debt solutions, the topic of bankruptcy often looms as a last resort—a financial decision to be taken when all other options have been exhausted. For those burdened with unmanageable debt, the thought of bankruptcy can be daunting. While bankruptcy is one option, there are some alternatives available to those facing financial hardship, and […]

Interest Rates are Climbing – Now’s the Time to Pay off High-Interest Debt

strategies to pay off debt before rates increase

While paying off your debts should always be a priority, the urgency is heightened as interest rates and the cost of living in Canada continue to climb. If you have high-interest debt, you need a strategy to lock in a manageable rate and make timely payments. If rates continue to increase, your monthly minimum payment […]

6 Common Practices that Harm Your Credit Score

daily habits that damage your credit

Your credit score is a fundamental financial metric essential to securing loans and lines of credit. Getting out of debt and building your credit is challenging, so the best way to achieve excellent credit is by avoiding common mistakes that will impact your FICO score, also known as a Beacon. In this article, we cover […]

Creating a Debt Repayment Strategy – Steps to get out of debt

best way to create a debt repayment plan

Getting out of debt can seem like an impossible task. However, if you break down the steps and create a strategy, your journey to becoming debt free is far more attainable. In this article, we’ve created a 6-step process to help you take a step back and create an actionable, personalized debt repayment plan. By […]