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Case Study of Success – Sharon

Sharon – A successful case study story we’d like to share with you.

Sharon, a well respected career nurse, suddenly became a single mom. She was left with a large mortgage, a car payment, and $70,000 of credit card & line of credit debt, which by the way she herself did not create. Sharon’s three young daughters were her priority, but she was unable to spend the time required with them due to needing to work to service the debt.
Sharon sold her house and downsized, but that still wasn’t enough and she continued to work her second job on the weekends. Being worn out and not giving the attention needed to her daughters. Sharon had no choice but to look for options to deal with the high cost of servicing the $70,000, after all it was taking roughly $1500 per month out of her pocket.
Sharon went to see a company who claimed to be able to help her with her debt, but their plan was quite unattainable given her budget, and further to that they wanted to take back or collapse the RESP’s that were in place for her daughters future education. Could you imagine? Looking for help, only to find out that the “help” will make things worse.

Thankfully Sharon decided to get acquainted with some of the ins and outs of the “debt help” industry in Canada, and that is how she found us. With our years of industry experience and in working with thousands of clients across Canada, we were able to connect Sharon with a company who would work with her, considering specifically her situation, and not shoe horn her in to a boiler plate plan.Thankfully Sharon contacted us before she pulled the trigger on the options that were given to her by others. The company we were able to connect Sharon with, saved her an additional $30,000 over an above what the other companies offered her. Why is that? To put it plainly, and without speaking in a derogatory way; there are many companies selling services, and all of them do things their own way. Sharon, just like anyone looking to deal with their debt, sat down with a company who was willing to give her the time, answer all of her questions, and tailor a plan best suited for her. When looking to manage debt as best as possible, a cookie cutter solution is just not going to cut it. All too often people end up in a plan less than ideal, and they don’t even know that it could have been better. Sadly, this happens because they have been under immense financial stress for months and years. They then meet with someone who offers a solution, and at the time it looks like relief, but it could have been so much better. It doesn’t make the company a bad company, they still helped to some degree, but they might operate a but different or are limited in scope as to what they can offer.

Since 2010, the proprietors of have been helping Canadian families and businesses find real solutions to put debt behind them for good. After working directly with thousands of clients, it was determined that could help more people, and do so nationwide, by offering a simple referral service. When you fill out a contact form on, we will put you in touch with a company who we have personally vetted. If the company does not pass our test, then we refuse to send anyone to them. It is our mission at to connect Canadians with companies who we know, like, and trust, and who are best suited to help people and businesses handle their debt challenges. By playing this role, of simply connecting people with quality companies, we know that we can help more Canadians forgo the all too common experience of ending up in a less than ideal situation, when looking for solutions to manage their debt.

Congratulations to Sharon who now is in a completely different place financially, is spending time with her daughters, and doing the things that truly matter in life!

Case study on career nurse getting out of debt

Get me debt free

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