Get Me Debt Free

What you need to pay off your debt, besides money

two people making a debt relief plan to get out of debt

Is debt constantly on your mind? Owing money can be extremely overwhelming. Especially when you’re not sure where the money is going to come from to pay it off. You work hard, but your bills just keep piling up. When it gets to a certain point, your debt relief can feel as though it’s taking […]

What is debt restructuring?

two people signing new debt restructuring paperwork

Debt is difficult to live with. It can feel as though there is a weight on your shoulders at all times. It’s overwhelming and impacts our everyday lives. Many Canadians struggle when it comes to talking about their financial hardships. Because of this, they don’t confront their debt until it becomes out of control or […]

How to turn your finances around

an older couple going for a walk, talking about the debt

As we’ve discussed, debt has become the new normal for Canadians. But why? We live in a society where it seems impossible to live without putting ourselves in debt. To buy a house, most need to take out a mortgage loan, which many people spend years, even decades paying off. For some of us to […]

What happens when you file for bankruptcy?

what happens when you declare bankruptcy

Dealing with debt is never fun. Many of us try to sweep our financial woes under the rug and hope they disappear with time. But what happens when that pile under the rug becomes too big to go by unnoticed? Debt is never fun to deal with, but it has to be done. The bigger […]

4 solutions for those struggling to pay their mortgage

woman on her computer looking at mortgage debt options

Debt can be overwhelming, especially when it’s coming from multiple areas in your life. At times it can feel as though you’re crushed under a mountain of debt. One of the biggest forms of debt that Canadians know all too well is mortgage debt. In Canada, it is nearly impossible to buy a house without […]

Avoid filing for bankruptcy, at all costs.

Avoid filing for bankruptcy

You have a stack of credit card bills piling up. Your mortgage payment is due soon, and you’re not sure where you’re going to get the money to pay it. You’ve recently faced a large financial emergency which has put an unexpected amount of strain on your finances. Living with debt is hard, and it […]

Can you still get approved for a mortgage with debt?

dog sitting in a moving box

Canadians have become accustomed to living with debt. It has become a way of life. It’s almost impossible for Canadians not to live with some form of debt. We use it to finance major purchases such as cars, education, and houses. One of the highest being mortgage debt. Buying a house is one of the […]

Should you refinance your mortgage to pay off other debt?

woman thinking about refinancing a mortgage to pay off debt on her laptop

When it comes to debt, we all want the easiest and fastest solution to pay it off. Despite what many other ‘debt insolvency’ companies will tell you, bankruptcy is often a high-risk way to consolidate your debt. There are many different options when resolving your debt, but choosing which option suits your needs best depends […]

What you should know about payment deferral programs & debt

man thinking about payment deferral programs on his laptop

The current worldwide challenge has had a variety of impacts on Canadians. From the emotional blow of being unable to leave our homes to the financial hardships thousands of Canadians have had to face over this past year. In light of many people losing their jobs or living on reduced incomes, deferral programs were made […]

How debt affects your credit score

man in debt on his laptop while holding his credit card

There is a common misconception that people with high credit scores have the lowest amount of debt. For years we’ve been told that the almighty credit score is king. That it plays an extremely important role in your finances. Some of us even have the mentality that a good credit rating is what gives us […]