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Interest Rates are Climbing – Now’s the Time to Pay off High-Interest Debt

strategies to pay off debt before rates increase

While paying off your debts should always be a priority, the urgency is heightened as interest rates and the cost of living in Canada continue to climb. If you have high-interest debt, you need a strategy to lock in a manageable rate and make timely payments. If rates continue to increase, your monthly minimum payment […]

6 Common Practices that Harm Your Credit Score

daily habits that damage your credit

Your credit score is a fundamental financial metric essential to securing loans and lines of credit. Getting out of debt and building your credit is challenging, so the best way to achieve excellent credit is by avoiding common mistakes that will impact your FICO score, also known as a Beacon. In this article, we cover […]

Creating a Debt Repayment Strategy – Steps to get out of debt

best way to create a debt repayment plan

Getting out of debt can seem like an impossible task. However, if you break down the steps and create a strategy, your journey to becoming debt free is far more attainable. In this article, we’ve created a 6-step process to help you take a step back and create an actionable, personalized debt repayment plan. By […]

What You Need to Know About Joint Bank Accounts

two people reviewing their joint bank account statement

A joint bank account works just like any other bank account you have, except there are multiple authorized account holders. Authorized account holders share all the same responsibilities and abilities as you would have on your own account. Anyone named on the account can make payments, e-transfers, make withdrawals, pay off debt, and so on. […]

Why Now Is the Time to Care About Your Financial Wellbeing

mother and daughter talking about debt and living debt free

If you’ve been looking for a sign to start cracking down on your finances, this is it. We all may have experienced the past year differently, but in one way or another, we have all felt the impact of shutdowns and or illness. Although we are not fully out of the water yet, this past […]

What Is Your Financial Health?

couple discussing their financial health and how they can improve it

This is a term you’ve probably heard or seen before, but what exactly is financial health? Well, in a nutshell, it is the overall state or “health” of your finances. It’s an overview of what kind of financial shape you are in and what kind of financial security you have. But how exactly is it […]

Debt and Your Health – The Mental and Physical Effects of Debt

man worrying about debt and his health

There is a common misconception that people who are in debt are reckless spenders who don’t have any self-control when it comes to their finances. But the truth might surprise you. Many, if not most, Canadians live with debt for various reasons – and it’s not just the ‘reckless spenders’. People start accumulating debt from […]

5 Simple Steps You Can Take To Get Out Of Debt

man looking over papers for a plan for paying off his debt

Talking about debt is never a fun conversation to have. It’s something many of us don’t enjoy facing. But, the more you ignore your debt, the bigger the problem will get. Debt doesn’t need to be a normal way of life, but for many Canadians, it is. According to Equifax Canada, the average Canadian debt […]

How to Open the Conversation About Your Debt

Couple talking about debt over coffee

Debt can be very difficult to talk about – particularly with the people who are closest to you. Money and financial stress have the greatest impact on Canadians, more than any other type of stress. Roughly 48% of Canadians say that they have lost sleep due to financial worries – this includes dealing with high […]

Benefits of Aggressive Debt Restructuring To Get Out Of Debt

Couple looking at laptop together reviewing aggressive debt restructuring plan

Some people may think that people with debt problem are reckless spenders, but it is a problem that can affect the most organized person. Debt repayment is an issue that affects many Canadians. Debts may result from sudden job losses, medical problems, and unplanned expenses, such as car repairs. When you combine these debts with common household bills and mortgages, they become a heavy burden that weighs down many people. Aggressive debt restructuring can help reorganize your debts and give your peace of mind.