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Debt Solutions are Available to You, Don’t Get Bogged Down By Debt

David was a 25-year-old honours student fresh out of University with an accounting degree, and starting a brand-new job in central Ontario. David was successfully able to get a mortgage loan and begin living on his own on beautiful lakefront property.

David loved his life, and his amazing GPA helped him get his dream job. Everything was going great for him. He had a plan to pay off his student loan debt and his mortgage loan while living and working in Muskoka, but a year after moving into his new home some unexpected events took place.

One day during the winter when driving into town for work, he lost control of his car and was hit by another, launching him off of the road. The accident totalled his car and sent him to the hospital for three months while he recovered from the wreck.

David’s recovery in the hospital meant that he was absent from work for three months and because of this his mortgage and student loans began to stack up at an alarming rate due to lack of payments. With no car to drive, David had no way of getting into town for work which meant he had no income to help him pay for anything which began his downward spiral. Eventually, he began to receive notices in the mail and was forced to move out of his home.

David moved in with his parents because they lived in town, closer to where he worked, and he began trying to pay off his debts once he began working again. By that point, his debts were racking up and were beginning to make him feel very overwhelmed. He began to wonder if he would ever be able to successfully pay off his debts and he began to question why he was even trying anymore. The stress of having such a large amount of debt began to take effect on him and he began to give up on everything.

While talking to a co-workers one day at work, he opened up about his debt and how he was struggling to pay off everything since the accident. He told his co-worker that he didn’t know what to do and that he was on the edge of giving up on everything.  His co-worker suggested to him that he try getting in touch with, and told David that they could refer him to a company best suited to help with his current financial situation, in order to regain control of his life again.

David filled out the contact form on, and he was referred to a company that could help. The relief for David was two fold. Not only was there a company who could help, but that the company who could help was vetted by and passed their Gold Standard Test. From this point on, David realized that he was not alone in his current financial situation and that with quality, accurate guidance, and some hard work, he quickly began to get a better grasp on his debt and now had a realistic vision of becoming debt free.

Since 2010, the proprietors of have been helping Canadian families and businesses find real solutions to put debt behind them for good. After working directly with thousands of clients, it was determined that could help more people, and do so nationwide, by offering a referral service. When you fill out a contact form on, you will be referred to a company who we have personally vetted. If the company does not pass our test, we refuse to send anyone to them. They must be a company who treat people like people, and not like a file number. They must be a company with high moral standards and are not just out to make a buck off the financial stress of someone else. They must also be a company who has a long history or track record of implementing the solutions required for people to get out of debt. This is our mission at to play a role in directing Canadians to companies who we know, like, and trust, and who are best suited to help people and businesses handle their debt challenges. In this capacity, we know that we can help more Canadians forgo the all too common experience of ending up in a less than ideal situation, when looking for solutions to manage their debt.

Debt Solutions are Available to You, Don’t Get Bogged Down By Debt

Get me debt free

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