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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Debt Relief Professional

Likely all of us have heard that Canadians are saddled with historically high levels of personal debt. If there is one thing most people can agree on, it is that getting in debt is much easier than getting out of it. It can seem to happen in the blink of an eye. In fact, businesses seem to encourage the accumulation of debt. Many offer financing options or a percentage off of your purchase if you open a credit card with them or some other type of gimmick. At first, it appears that you will save money upfront, but it will end up costing you more money in the long run. For others, it may be the accumulation of student loans in pursuing education, loss of a job, or unforeseen medical expenses. This is where a debt relief professional comes in.

Debt can happen to the best of us and is nothing to be ashamed of. However, it can be tricky to know where to turn in a world that seems to favor creditors. How do you know you are working with a debt relief specialist who is working in your best interest? This is your guide to choosing a debt relief professional who will help get you on the road to recovery and freedom. 

Be Very Careful

The great majority of companies who claim to be able to help people deal with their debt are either a) receiving a percentage of what you pay back to the creditors. Or b) are funded by the creditors under the banner of not-for-profit. Neither of these is bad in itself. But you need to understand these two integral principles. For the person offering help, your file is part of their business model. So what do you do? Well, to be honest, that is where we come in. Through our years of experience and working directly with thousands of clients, we have decided to offer a new service of simply referring Canadians to companies that we believe are among the most ethical and best suited to help Canadians deal with their debt. We do not charge you a fee, we do not receive funding from creditors, and we do not mine your data or sell your information to all kinds of companies. Our goal is clear and simple: help as many Canadians as possible navigate the deep waters of debt relief by referring them to companies that we trust will treat the client with great care and who will take an interest in the client’s success. That’s it. No strings.

Why would we offer this service? Seeing consumers put into really tough plans to then ultimately not be successful with it, only to end up in a worse position, can be detrimental on numerous levels. This is something that we have seen firsthand with its impacts on people and families. We want to mitigate this as much as possible. So here we are. Connecting people right across Canada with some of the finest and best-equipped people in the debt relief world. We expect in the years to come, we will be able to look back and see the impact this has had.

Look for a Company Who Offers a Variety of Options

When it comes to debt relief, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each debtor’s situation is different and requires a one-on-one personal approach. Choose a professional who has extensive knowledge of various solutions and is willing to sit down with you, discuss your situation and explain each of your options. The right debt relief professional will be able to tell you the pros and cons of each and recommend one or two that best fit your circumstances. 

Many companies will push for one option or another as a blanket option without taking the time to determine what is best for your future. For instance, many seem to push for bankruptcy because it seems like the easiest option. However, most of the time, bankruptcy is not the best option and should only be used as a last resort. Quite often, bankruptcy can be very expensive. It can be much harder to recover from and can negatively impact your financial future.

A Debt Relief Plan You Can Actually Achieve

There is absolutely no point in committing to a debt relief plan that you cannot achieve. More than likely, you will end up in a worse position than you were when you started. This only adds stress to your plate at a time when you are trying to relieve the stress. Many times, the reason people fail at a debt relief plan is that the plan was not achievable in the first place. You did not get into debt in a day, and you will not get out of debt in a day, either. Choose a debt relief specialist who can help you set a realistic plan that you can achieve. 

Companies that offer instant gratification debt relief plans or options that seem too good to be true probably are. Recovery from debt takes time, and the right debt relief professional will understand this. After all, the end goal is to climb out of debt, not sink further in.

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Do Your Research

A little research will go a long way in choosing the right debt relief company. Look for online reviews that tell you whether or not clients have succeeded. If they haven’t, oftentimes, they will tell you why in the review. Be careful to discern between a failure of the client to actually commit to the debt relief plan or poor customer service on the company’s part. 

Research prospective companies’ websites. Look for statistics on client success rates as well as customer testimonials and success stories. In most cases, you can find the company’s vision, mission statement, and approach to debt relief. 

Who We Are and What We Do

As already stated, at GetMeDebtFree, with our years of experience and knowledge in working with thousands of clients, we have searched out who we believe to be the best companies in Canada to help people deal with their debt. If the company does not pass our gold standard test, then we will not recommend their services. If you are looking for the best advice on how to consolidate your debt, fill out our contact form, and we will be sure to refer you to a company that, if needed, we would refer our mother too. Let it be clear, we do not mine your data nor sell your information to all kinds of companies. We are simply looking to connect people who are serious about dealing with their debt to a professional who is best suited to help make that happen.

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