About the 4 Pillars Sudbury Team

Serving the Sudbury and Greater Sudbury region, Ryan and team have valuable experience in providing Sudbury debt consolidation, debt restructuring, and debt counseling services. In an industry where most companies either take funding from the creditors, or under a license are required to work to the general benefit of the creditors, Ryan and his team have a single-minded focus of representing the client, and not the creditor.

Sudbury, like many other communities in Ontario, was facing a shortage of debt restructuring advisors that truly represented the client’s interests. That’s where 4 Pillars comes in, offering a choice that is free of potential conflict of interest, providing solutions that benefit the client first, not the creditor.

A proud member of the Canadian Debtors Association, 4 Pillars Sudbury is dedicated to providing an individualized plan that suits your needs.

Join the thousands of 4 Pillars clients who have become debt free.

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705.806.1252, 430 Notre Dame Ave, Suite 203, Sudbury, ON P3C 5K7

5 Stars


Muskoka & Parry Sound

“Our experience with 4 Pillars was nothing more than pleasant. We are treated with real compassion and understanding. Thank you Ryan and team for everything you do for your clients. Our life is now stress free and we can look forward to retirement.”

5 Stars


North Bay

“What an amazing feeling having the weight lifted. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough for Ryan, Sharon and Marie for what they have done for our family. You have made us feel like there is a light at the end and given us HOPE. Thank you so much, you are greatly appreciated and very very educated in these areas, you come HIGHLY recommended.”

5 Stars



“Ryan, Angela and entire team were amazing to work with. The positive energy helps gets through such a rough time and you feel no judgement from any of them, such a great group of people. Thank you and I highly recommend this team if you need financial help.”

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