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Debt and Your Health – The Mental and Physical Effects of Debt

man worrying about debt and his health

There is a common misconception that people who are in debt are reckless spenders who don’t have any self-control when it comes to their finances. But the truth might surprise you. Many, if not most, Canadians live with debt for various reasons – and it’s not just the ‘reckless spenders’. People start accumulating debt from […]

10 Tips On Getting Out Of Debt And On The Road To Financial Freedom In 2020

A smiling young couple cutting up credit cards with scissors after resolving debt and achieving financial freedom.

Many people never realize they’re one financial crisis away from taking on debt. For others, it can be ignoring the reality of their financial debt obligations or failing to get professional guidance. The truth is debt happens to good people, and carrying debt could impact your financial success for years to come. At GetMeDebtFree, it […]

Choosing the Right Company to Help You Deal with Your Debt

Debt relief concept. An eraser with the word "DEBT" on it erasing past due bills.

Canada is well-known for its tasty maple syrup, welcoming atmosphere, and chilly winters. But more recently, Canada has become known for its skyrocketing household debt. With $4.4 trillion in household and corporate debt, more Canadians than ever are succumbing to mounting debts. And the debt resolution process is anything but easy. How to navigate the […]