Get Me Debt Free

Should you refinance your mortgage to pay off other debt?

woman thinking about refinancing a mortgage to pay off debt on her laptop

When it comes to debt, we all want the easiest and fastest solution to pay it off. Despite what many other ‘debt insolvency’ companies will tell you, bankruptcy is often a high-risk way to consolidate your debt. There are many different options when resolving your debt, but choosing which option suits your needs best depends […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Owing Money To The CRA

woman calculating her tax debt using a calculator

The CRA, or Canadian Revenue Agency, is a revenue service of the Government of Canada. They collect taxes and administer tax laws and policies. As working Canadians, many of us know what the CRA is. For some, it’s a yearly reminder to file our taxes. For others, the acronym is a big, scary taxman knocking […]

Taking the overwhelm out of debt

Woman feeling overwhelm about debt

Debt is an issue that affects many of us. It has almost become a way of life for Canadians to have debt. In fact, according to the Fraser Institute, research shows that since 2007/08, combined federal and provincial net debt has doubled from $1.0 trillion to a projected $2.0 trillion in 2020/21. According to the […]

How to Open the Conversation About Your Debt

Couple talking about debt over coffee

Debt can be very difficult to talk about – particularly with the people who are closest to you. Money and financial stress have the greatest impact on Canadians, more than any other type of stress. Roughly 48% of Canadians say that they have lost sleep due to financial worries – this includes dealing with high […]