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Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Mortgage to Consolidate Your Debt

alternatives to consolidating debt with mortgage

You’re facing a lot of debt, and you’ve been researching different ways to eliminate that debt. During your research, you’ve probably read a lot about using your home equity to help consolidate your debts. Many people will tell you about the benefits of tapping into your home equity to consolidate your other high-interest debts. Unfortunately, […]

Should you refinance your mortgage to pay off other debt?

woman thinking about refinancing a mortgage to pay off debt on her laptop

When it comes to debt, we all want the easiest and fastest solution to pay it off. Despite what many other ‘debt insolvency’ companies will tell you, bankruptcy is often a high-risk way to consolidate your debt. There are many different options when resolving your debt, but choosing which option suits your needs best depends […]