Angela has lived in the north of Ontario for over 10 years. Originally from southern Ontario, let’s just say that she got her priorities straight and realized that “The North” is where it’s at! Angela loves the outdoors, ripping through the mud on her quad, hunting, and her favourite hobby is hiking with her dogs (until they lead her into a quagmire with a porcupine or coyote that is).

After obtaining her LLQP certification to advise clients on life insurance and other related financial matters, Angela was still searching for something that had more of an immediate impact on her clients. Upon finding 4 PIllars, she knew right away that this was something she could get behind. Angela now consults 4 Pillars clients, and has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients in order to see them achieve their goals of becoming debt free. She enjoys seeing her clients countenance change when they have an approved debt restructuring plan in place, where she says that you can literally see the weight come off a persons shoulders. Often quoted by Angela –  “Leaving work everyday knowing you’ve made a mental and physical difference in the lives of real people and families who live in our community is what makes all of the effort worth it”.


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