Born in Sudbury, raised in Muskoka, Marie has a great love for the region, the people who call it home, and she is very family oriented. Becoming a mother at the age of 18 and now a glowing grandmother to a beautiful little girl, Marie mastered the art of multi-tasking and pro-caffeinating very quickly. Both of these skills have proven to be useful throughout her life, particularly while working full time, training in bookkeeping and accounting,  and raising her daughter. Marie has been an integral member of the team since 2016, where her absolute determination and unending compassion has made her a central figure at 4 Pillars. When clients phone into our offices for the first time, they can often be stressed, uncertain, worried, or a combination of the three , it is Marie on the end of the phone, always ready to listen, offering a helping hand and glimmer of hope. Marie has proven herself indispensable time and time again, not only to our clients, but also to the rest of the team. Marie has been there to help guide each new team member, offering the benefit of her experience and knowledge with a reassuring smile and fantastic sense of humour.

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